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My questions are many, so I need help.

What would be the best solution?
1 - Use only the bottom box with the heat coming straight to the chimney?

2 - Option 2 - Solder the second pipe on the box using baffles to more than 2 times the exhaust box low travel longer before reaching the chimney? Would there be so good suction?

3 - Option 3 - cutting the top cover of the box "bottom fire" and cause the second combustion occurs in the "square tube" which would be welded on the box?

4 - Option 4 - Make the entire process of burning double in the bottom box and just pass the chimney inside the square tube to recycle the heat? In this case the plate too thick could not cool down the stove too neutralizing the effect of the second burning?
5 - Option 5????????????????
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