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My starting point:

1 Box Steel - reuse of a steel box size that I think is reasonable for the initial project.
I intend to lea serve as "Fire Box", which was used for storing tools in an old farm tractor.

Box Specifications

It is a steel box and already assembled with welded front door hinges. Steel about 3/8 inch thick.


Height: 64 cm
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 40centímetros

A square tube of steel plates about 3/8 polegade that fits on existing box.
This tube has 1 square meter in length.

My first thought was:
Building a wood stove in the style of a reform on which lí right here in this forum, ( 4. uses a secondary air supply or through the use of tubes in the shape of inverted "L", with perforated pipes of the secondary air supply coming from bottom of the wood stove.

This would be a mechanism associated with a "deflector plate" would help in the process of "second burn"

Coat the inside with small bricks, which are easily found in the Brazilian market.
Solder the "Square Tube" on the box and take advantage of already burned in dases lower box making run inside the tube generating better utilization of heat.

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