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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
The other issue is a lot DIY do it on there spare time. It takes time to document you project. Even more time if you want others to be able to follow in your steps.
I think people donít always take the time to document it. I wish more would take the time to document it and I thank the people that do take the time to document their journey.

I may not be doing this project now but a month from now all bets are off.

I wish I could offer insight on your project but that is not my lane as I am still learning. It does really interest me so I will be following along.
I will definitely be documenting it. I have done many other build threads. Some successful, some not.

One of my other areas of concern besides running the pump 24/7 is if the heat exchangers will work. And also, I have no idea how to size or calculate anything related to refrigeration. I think I got lucky on my freeze dryer but I have no idea how efficient it was. It did work well though.
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