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I guess it must have some thermal conductivity, since people have made solar collectors and PV coolers out of it.. Since it's hard to glue water connections on the ends, it's more trouble than it's worth.. But for air? That sure looks easy..

I'll try some DIYer testing.

It's not a great conductor, but it works. I held some Blue coroplas in the sun for about 45 seconds.
It got up to 126 F on top, and the bottom side zoomed right up to 113 F.
It's about 86 is the shade outside and my cedar deck is about 140!

It cools off very quickly in the shade, so it's got some good heat transfer characteristics..

My test strip was about 2"x15" with the holes running the long 15" path.
I'll bet it would conduct heat (top to bottom) better if I sealed the end holes
off with tape. Trapping the hot air (140?) inside.

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