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Default thermal expansion? dang!

DBHL No. HD7983c, 1-1/2 In. x 3/4 In. Flexible Rubber Coupling
Model # HD7983C Store SKU # 316954 $3.39/EA-Each

Maybe a couple of these boots on some PVC reduced down to a 1.5" OD,
and use a 3/4" copper pipe down the center? (I have 3/4 'L' in stock).

It's kinda funny looking up at the 'temporary' drain I installed on the
bottom of our pretty new FG tub back in the late 70s..
My wife demanded we replace the old iron tub. It was the wrong color. Pink!
The tiles around the tub had been leaking since,, maybe 1956? When the house was built.
A blue three section FG wrap-around wall with matching tub was her choice.

The new tub drain was in the wrong place and I needed an off-set drain connection..
I went down to the nearby auto-supply store and got some radiator hose and SS clamps.

The hose and clamps still look dang good.

I'll bet you guys have never seen polybutylene pipes and fittings that lasted over 25 years!

The only one that dissolved was on the hot water side, where water leaked
out of the tub faucet and ran down the outside of the screw-in fitting.
It seems to be the mix of air and water on the outside that eats them.

I just changed out the old tub faucets last week. The new ones look great.
I had to get rid of the upper pipe to the shower head (all polybutylene),
because I broke it while screwing in the new shower head!
Replaced it with PEX and quick-PEX fittings. Not knowing they can't hack
very high temperatures.. Read the specs after installation..
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