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Default All Roads Lead To Rome...

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Do you have any examples of the 180 degree flowing design?

I tried to find the links when I did the post, but couldn't find the web site again.

Sometimes I find material that is very interesting but not relevant to an original search. I try to bookmark as much of these surprises as I can, but some just get away. I think that's how it is with the Internet.

As I recall, the increase in efficiency for the 180 degree counter flow was small (5% to 8%). The 90 degree design seems to dominate the market, my guess is that it is pretty efficient and easy to make.

For me, the lesson to be learned is that China is making the cross-flow cells and selling them to OEMs. If we can discover the source of the cells, we can build the box ourselves.

But effectively utilizing an energy recovering ventilating system is predicated on having a home that is very tightly sealed...

This gets us back to insulation and sealing... Talk about 'all roads lead to Rome', here we are again.



P.S.: BTW, don't know if you saw my post on Grey Water Energy Recovery, that one is not dependent on having a tight house.

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