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The led is basically a tape with 3M adhesive on the back. I haven't seen any need to mount it to a metal backing. They produce very little heat at all. I made a 3/8 x 7/8 wood strip with a dovetail routed in it offset to one side. Stick the tape in the groove. Then use hot glue on the edge up under the dovetail to permanently lock it into place. I don't trust the adhesive. The offset gives you an area to drill mounting holes in.

I used 3 rolls in the kitchen. If they are left on all day long they aren't even warm to the touch. I haven't seen any recommendation to mount this style to a heat sink yet and don't see a need as anything you stick it to should dissipate the tiny bit of heat.

Also going to use it to light up the corner pantry by making a door trim for the tape to mount in vertically. Oh I'm also a woodworker so I have the shop to make whatever I need.
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