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Yup things have changed pretty quickly. Leds are now becoming the standard. I'm a big fan of using tape led light now. 16' for $8 and power supplies are pretty cheap now too. Over and under cab lights in the kitchen with it provide lots of indirect lighting at night. I don't even turn the regular lights on for most stuff now.

The colors and cri of leds are getting more options now as well. Many of the early leds were way too yellow or way too blue. In commercial apps it's all we use for can lights and other bulbs. They are just now getting better at the T8 replacements as its taken a long time to get them in the "daylight" color that is used in commercial the low k stuff was too yellow got complaints and makes everything look oddly yellow. Try going into a large conference room with soft white to yellow lighting and it looks awful and makes your eyes work harder.

I'm really impressed with how far they have come in such a short time. 6" led can lights as cheap as $18 with 90 cri and 1100 lumens is impressive. Though need a dimmer....

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