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Default The Record Of The Day In CO2...

I did a rough log of today's CO2 data just to see what it looked like.

Y axis is CO2 in Parts Per Million (ppm)

X axis is time 24 hours per day (are you paying attention Piwoslaw?)

So, there's a steady increase from the time I wake up until about 10:00 when I went to do some errands. I returned at about 13:30 and logged CO2.

Around 17:00, another reading, then I took some soup to the neighbor, and stayed for a short visit and took a reading when I returned.

Shortly after that at around 19:30, a friend dropped by and we chatted for a few hours, at the end of which I took the final reading.

After he left, I opened two windows, to flush out the CO2... never did that before!

It's amazing... the record of the day in CO2.


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