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Originally Posted by stevehull View Post
...Great discussion!...
No Steve, this in NOT a great discussion.

This is NOT a discussion thread.

My purpose in starting this thread is to build a CO2 (& ultimately humidity) sensing controller for an HRV.

The operative word is "build".

I tried to make that clear in my first post when I wrote:

My project idea is that HRVs are used to provide fresh air and at the same time minimize home heat loss. The heat loss from the outgoing air can be reduced, but never reduced to zero.

A 'smart' HRV would sense the level of CO2 and when the level of CO2 reached a predetermined allowable level, it would run the fans. If the CO2 level was higher, it would run the fans at a higher speed, if the CO2 was lower, it would run the fans at a lower speed, and if the CO2 was acceptably low, the fans would not run at all.

This would increase the overall efficiency because the HRV heat loss would only be incurred when required.

So far, petty simple.

This project will use an Arduino to read a CO2 Sensor (Telair 6004) and then use the CO2 readings as input to control PWM fans in the HRV.
So far Steve, you have written 1117 words on the topic of why a CO2 sensing HRV controller should NOT be built.

And in response, I have written 480 words as to why I am going to proceed. Writing this has been a waste of my time, just as your writing of your 1117 words was a waste of your time... and worse yet it has discouraged interest in this project. There are quite a few Arduino-savvy members of EcoRenovator, and not a single one has posted to this thread.

I attribute this to your "Great discussion!"

I wish you would start another thread, a discussion thread, about why using CO2 monitors is futile, and leave this project thread alone. You can even request that your posts to this thread be moved to to your 'CO2 monitoring is futile' discussion thread. I'm pretty sure the administrators would do this for you.


I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...

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