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Originally Posted by Acuario View Post
I have been given an evacuated tube solar water heating system and am thinking of how to incorporate it into a climitized greenhouse system.

My idea is to use the solar water heater to collect heat during the day and to have it connected to an underfloor heaing system in the greenhouse to maintain the soil temperature overnight and during the morning. The heating panels would be covered with soil in raised beds.

I'm also thinking of using a temperature/humidity sensor coupled to a processor based control system and (if I can work out how to construct them) motorised roof windows. The controller will control the heating/watering/windows to maintain an optimum growing condition.

I don't see why your ideas would not work. It will take some experimenting to get it right.
I think 1/2" PEX may fit the bill if you bury it in raised beds as long as you are out of the root and tool zones. There are plenty of hydronic valves and thermostats on the market.

You would have a large mass to heat, so I would think you need to start heating early. Also you'd need to store heated water for the days with no sun or make provisions for alternative heat sources. Lots of variables. Check Gary's site out for the tools and more ideas. BuildItSolar: Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution

I know of a few greenhouses in Kansas that have a one foot wide trench in the center of their greenhouses. I've been told they are 10 to 12 feet deep. They are concrete lined and water filled. That provides a tempering effect year round but limit growing in the winter.

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