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I still need to measure where the top of the tank waterline will be (I believe that subtracts from the head height?), but I believe I will need two pumps as the system is in two panels and could possibly be shaded at different times. The last thing I need is to be unnecessarily pumping how water through a cool collector. Panel #1 is 86 sqft and panel #2 is 80 sqft, giving flowrates of 2.6 for #1 and 2.4 for #2. Panel #1 has maybe 14-15ft of head and #2 around 12 ft of head.

On the Pump selection Wizard on the Taco pump website, I get results well inside pump's PQ curve. I take it there must be some way to limit the flow rate then? Like valves or a control on the pump itself? Also, I'm wondering if the head pressure changes after the water starts flowing through the collector causing some sort of suction effect? Would that in turn increase the flow rate? I'll get some definite measurements of the heat heights.
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