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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
But...but...but... My inverters are 240V. It's only TWO wires that current travels over. If current is flowing through the one the EXACT SAME current is flowing through the other. It's how the circuit is completed!

Would you measure current through a hot AND a neutral on a 120V circuit?
That's assuming the inverters are doing what they are supposed to. All depends on how the inverter works. It can output 220 or it can also act as two 110 inverters in one box. Without going over the inverter internals to see how it really works and able to measure the actual output it's like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

I like the meter and its a great quick indicator but its just a general indicator and there will always be that thought in the back of my mind as i know its not measuring everything. I;m looking at readings i can use to look for possible failures more so than monitoring.

And yes I do often check the amps on a neutral as often in commercial you find overloaded neutrals from someone just grabbing a hot in a box and using the first neutral in the j box they see.
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