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Yes, points taken and were considered in construction. I do have the supply line buried about 8" is all I had energy for [lol] but I did leave unions and 'clean-out' T's so I could drain the line for winter. I only lose 2 degrees in the 40+ foot run in full sunshine. For the return line, I decided to use black hose and leave a nice coil on a small silver tarp - that gains quite a bit of heat for the pool. I am also able to 'spray' the return water to cool it a bit if the pool starts to get too warm.
I don't know where I got this window fan but it is really perfect for this application - it has high/low settings and thermostatically controlled - I can set it anywhere from 65 deg to 80 deg. I have it on a realistic setting of 75 degrees. As you pointed out, there is no real humidification happening at the coil but it's a far cry cooler than just a plain window fan. Yesterday, I enclosed the coil and made an intake to only pull air from the room - make s a BIG difference - very comfortable to sit in front of for sure. The room it is in has 'French Doors' and is isolated from the rest of the house -you can definitely feel the difference. Cool ;p
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