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A number of ecorenovators have successfully accomplished your goals. Some points to consider are:

Burying your supply water loop pipe will provide lots of free cooling. Since your latitude is far North, this works in your favor. Cooler supply water equals more heat transfer.

Recirculation of indoor air will pull more sensible (temp changing) heat out of your house. Due to the medium temperature of your cooling Hx, it will not take much latent (moisture) heat out of your indoor air. Depends on your local climate, but your house may end up feeling balmy like a cave if nothing else is removing humidity.

Slow AnD low flow of air is the way to go. With close approach temps in the hx, forcing as much heat into the water as you can takes a few seconds, mainly the latent portion. If the air flies right through, you are just wasting fan power.

Please keep the pics and details coming. There have been a lot of similar discussions started, where the OP had something good started, then vanished. Many of us still wonder how well these rigs actually perform over an extended time period. There have been a sizable amount of phase change systems documented well, but not many of these passive setups.
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