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burner mcdown

Here is a slide show of the current stage of development for my hillbilly hot tub heater running on SVO & or WMO.

The first pic is of the fuel supply system, mounted on an outboard motor fuel tank, I took out the fuel gage and put the xmas tree there. The fuel is pumped to the top of the pipe, then the next pipe takes the pump overflow back to the tank, the third pipe is the fuel supply for the burner, the yellow ball valve handle allows me to dump all the oil back into the tank. the lower elbow with a pipe is the overflow from the babington ball being returned to the tank.

Next is a rotten pic of the solenoid type fuel pump which puts the oil into the top of the xmas tree.

I think the next pic (if I recall proper like) is the burner heating the water tubes, the valve with the vice grip is the oil line, the 1/4 plumbing nipple is the compressed air line feeding the air jet on the ball. The lower pipe is the oil return from the babington ball, on its way back to the tank.

Then a couple of pics of the hot tub, & heated water supply, simply a livestock watering tank 6' dia 2' deep, 380 gallons +/-. we have about 1.5" inches of insulation on the sides of the tank, and 2" underneath.

The last pics are of the new ball I am making, it is larger than the last two I made, and is waiting for a set of drill bits to drill the orifice for the compressed air, which vaporizes the SVO for ignition. The orifice will be 10 thousandths of an inch, the current ball is much smaller 5/8" diameter and compressed air orifice is 13 thou" we are running it at 50 psi..
The bigger ball, with smaller orifice should give me better control and use less oil.

The burner - named Bernie McDown replaces a propane hot water heater, which cost us about $60 a month to heat the tub, we sit out in the tub most evenings, and watch the stars, burning svo and or wmo it saves us at least 3 bottles of scotch a month. I like to add a little used motor oil to my SVO it seems to keep the critters (bears & coyotes) away from the french fry smelling WVO, I also put the oil through a mesh screen and into a metal tank, when I first get it, to keep the critters out of it.

To find out more about Babington burners, just search on babington, there is tons of information available.
Daox, if you read this feel free to bring the pics over from Flickr, for some reason I cannot.

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