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Here are some pics of the burner as it evolves, I got a heater fan from an old jeep truck, and mounted the 'gun' on it, it works much better and is more quiet than the vacuum cleaner or mattress inflator, can also control the speed by feeding it 6V or 12V. you can see the fuel delivery tube held in the center of the air pipe by the three set screws.Yesterday I connected a 12V rv water pump because it did not seem to want to flow on its own just from heating the water. I picked up the pretty red water tank in Quartzsite for just $10, Had to weld a coupling for water inlet, it had one leak, but it sealed up with rtv, if that lets go, will have to weld it, so far so good. Today I mounted a snap switch to control the pump. To light the burner, I put a propane torch on the ignition pipe right at the fuel tube tip, then pour about 2 table spoons of diesel into the drip tube, the propane burner lights it up, and after a few minutes I remove the propane torch. Ran into fuel problems today, the jugs I used to use to put WVO into our motor home, were just abandoned about 4 years ago, I started using them again, only to find that they had grown some gunk which mucked up the new VO we got last week.
The burner is a bit slow yet but am working on getting it to heat the water quicker. Any tips will be welcome.

water heating pics

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