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These motors seem to be readily available from Surplus Center (Burden Sales Co.) at half the price of other sellers and $50+ cheaper than even Ebay sellers.

My post count does not allow me to post the link. Google Surplus Center. Check DC motors, base mount, reversible, and scroll down to the 3/4 horse motor, #10-2424

I had favorable dealings with these folks some years ago.

I am trying to avoid overvoltage as it tends to overheat the motor, causing premature failure. I have looked for higher rpm motors with similar specs to no avail. If anyone knows of similar motors at 3600 with similar amp draw I would like to hear about them. The current drive has pulley ratios reducing the rpms by a factor of approximately 2.5:1, so I have room to tune both systems. I am just hoping the forum members can point out any big glitches in the scenario I have put forth.
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