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Being the winter, now is the best time to get an infrared camera and hunt down the heat leaks. There was nowhere to rent one where I live, so I ended up buying a seek. Flir makes one now that is about the same price. At the time, flir only had one for the iPhone and I had Android. Didn't want to go all out on a super pro model, just something I could hook up to my phone.

The seek camera was the best envelope improvement tool I used on the house. I'm sure the expensive models do an even better job. I mean, I've done insulation in ceilings and hunted down drafts and such before, but that little camera justified the insulation in the top floor attic in about 5 minutes. The ground floor attic in the house is behind the upstairs bedroom walls and it was obvious that most of the heat leaking from the house was from the top attic. I will eventually get around to blowing cellulose into those areas, but that first winter I didn't. The camera showed me where the heat was passing through, and I just taped up a few batts and evened them out where they needed it.

After I was done with the project, I sold the seek camera on FB market for around 20 bucks less than I paid for it.
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