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Default UPDATE: I bought it

So after watching the E20 for a while on eBay, it wasn't moving, wasn't moving, wasn't moving...and then my son just happened to mention it in conversation. He has a Volt and REALLY likes it, he's a complete EV convert. And of course he knows I'm a tractor nerd, so here's where two of our interests coincide.

So we went halfsies on it last week, and I picked it up today.


Picking it up with my father-in-law's trailer behind my geriatric pickup.

Nick fired it up and mowed the front half of the yard. The mowing went about as fast as my Deere GT275, which has a larger deck. The GE isn't quiet enough to talk over while it's mowing, but of course stopping the mower is as simple as flipping a switch, and it starts back up just as easily. The steering is fairly heavy - heavier than the Deere, even. But while it's moving it's not too bad.

Deck access is crazy good. Deck lift is electrical, via a strap which is apparently pulled back by a winch or actuator. Don't know for sure about that but it is definitely a heavy duty fabric strap, not a cable or lever, and not hydraulic. It lifts well enough up to a point, but to get this kind of elevation it needs an extra tug. It may need additional assist springs or these are out of adjustment. Not sure yet.

Batteries are a year old. The PO even had the original purchase receipt, which he gave me since the batteries still have a year of warranty left. And the tires were replaced April 06, 2019. Seeing how the batteries cost about $800 and the tires another $300, the rest of this beast cost next to nothing.

More updates to come!
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