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Bob, That sounds like some really good ideas for sure, we have been looking at tiny house plans to get ideas like these you suggested in order to save as much square footage as possible. Thank you.

DEnd, This just doesn't make since to me, I do understand the controls don't need to get to hot but the stoves have thermostats, insulating areas that already have it/need it will only cause the stove to heat up quicker and therefore use less power. All modern stove are vented, some through the top of the door, some through a pipe under one of the back eyes (on ranges) and some through the back (I'm sure others have other places as well). As long as the stove is able to vent the way it was designed I would think it would operate correctly. If I have to I can add some shielding to the controls and maybe even a couple extra vent holes for better air flow to them.
This is just what I think, please blow my logic to pieces if I'm missing something. The last thing I want to do is burn down the house.

UPDATE: Land will be closed on on NOV 14th, we are buying 93 acres in Pontotoc, MS. This land is amazing. It has creeks that run all year for possible microhydro, great dirt for gardening and a vast amount of diverse land features that will provide tons of project ideas and homestead.

I've been reading up on the Mixed-humid 40% saving manual, it has some really good info. Building America Best Practices Series Volume 16: 40% Whole-House Energy Savings in the Mixed-Humid Climate | Department of Energy
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