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My indoor air temp is 80F, and humidity tops at 57%. 1-2 gallons of water will drop that to 47ish%.

I think I have decided to build what I KNOW how to do and ponder of salt magic fountains at a later date.

SO new parts and fun stuff have arrived. I got a outside mini split condenser (unknown size, will know tomorrow). And a nice 70 pint dehumidifier. Both free.
My idea/s. Outside condenser with a 12v fan from the greenhouse. Maybe adding another coil (or 2) if it will fit. I want HIGH efficiency, with LOW fan speed if possible. Even if a have 3-4 tons of coils in the condenser... the more the better right?
The compressor will be from a window unit (r22 6,000 btu) and mounted outside in the mini split condenser.
The dehumidifier will be inside where I will tie both coils together in series, and add as much coil as will fit.
CONCERNS!!! I had NO idea the coils on dehumidifiers where SO small...... I don't want this things freezing up on me. I can wire in some controls so at a certain temp the indoor fan kicks into high gear but I'm still not sure if that will keep it from frosting up.

Ideas? Are there other more WAY over the top complicated designs that I can waste DAYS deciding that are WAY to much trouble or have I gone over board enough on this one?

Again the main goal is DE HUMIDIFICATION, cooling is just a plus.

Thanks guys. I'm ready to build so pics coming soon!
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