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Originally Posted by Mikesolar View Post
What made you pick that particular unit?
There are so many choices out there it makes it hard to pick one. I read a lot of reviews where people second and third printer was the Make Gear M2. They were very happy to move up to the M2.

I wanted to be able to print ABS and PLA out of the box. This is Maker Gear third printer release I did not want anyone’s first release. They always learn from the other releases.

This printer is made in the US a big plus for me if at all possible (price features etc.) I like to support North America business.

Good printer support. I emailed MakerGear support on Sunday and they got back with me in less than 30min the owner and they were not even open. Some of the other printer MFG sometimes never answer a question.

MakerGear is known for its super good support and still being able to order replacement parts.
No hassle warranty.

This printer is made from Laser cut steel and anodized aluminum. This allows the printer to have very good tolerances. “Typical layer heights are between 0.3mm and 0.1mm but sometimes go below 0.05mm. “ Not many under $1,500 printers can do this.

A decent size build area. 8”x 10” x 8”
A heated bed a must for ABS printing
I wanted rails and bearings that would last a long time and if they went bad you could order parts for them.

I also wanted a printer that would not need things replaced as soon as I got it just to make it work well. This may sound funny but in the lower priced printers this happens a lot.

Here is my second print pretty cool. My first print got ¾ done and the hot end jammed. I did not have filament tension adjusted right. I cleaned it and adjusted it. Then I printed this about 7 ½ “ cylinder. This is one of the three items on the SD card to test out your printer.

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