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Default Solar hot water space heating for the shop

AC Hacker

The heating of the loop field is very easy in the shops system set-up. I will include a drawing of the circuit a little later. The whole system uses the same propylene glycol. Meaning its all connected. The glycol solution can circulate through the solar panels then by-pass the air handler then through the 4-way valve in the heat-pump and back to the solar panel. Daox asked about the insulation. The shop currently has 6 in. r20 fiberglass and yes will be adding 1" thermax sheeting to the exterior. I've been a little anal about the sealing of the plastic vapour barrier and other ideas on how I can make it better and I have to keep reminding my-self (its a shop)

It's the 28th of Sept another beautiful day. A good day for more out-side work. will be framing in the last window.

Check-out the photo any idea what these two items could have in common?? My plate is now more than full with projects!!

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