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Sorry, got busy living. As correctly speculated, the main concern relates to loss of power/pump events. Some e-tube collector models are designed and tested to withstand the 150 degC stagnation routinely throughout life, some aren't. A memory from another drainback survivor and his journey yields the following driven points:

- double wall tubes last longer than single wall and are easier to replace

- A large diameter brazed header pipe and metal pipe at least 10 feet on each end of the collector, with at least compression fittings holding stuff together is a recipe for success.

Needless to say, dude melted, popped, swelled and otherwise broke a decent amount of equipment developing said rules.

When a boiling event occurs, you can hear it through the plumbing. Sounds a lot like a coffee maker gurgling. Depending on the plumbing and how it's supported, the pipes may reverberate and clang against whatever they can.
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