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I ran a few of this type of unit while I was trying out the same concept. There are two ways to approach this concept:

1. put the unit in the cold and blow in warm air
2. put the unit in the warm and blow out cold air

I found that method 2 works very well with the portable aircon units. The things recirculate a lot more warm air than they do cold air. The one I ended up using all winter was a non-reversible, cooling-only model. It was pointed towards a window, and the cold air exhaust was sealed up with xps foam boards against the cracked open window opening. I toyed with trying to recirculate some outdoor air into the evaporator, but found it made the evaporator frost up. The family called it "the wolf" because the squirrel cage condenser blower howled (quietly). It did a good job of keeping the inefficient gas furnace shut off until temperatures dropped below maybe 40 degF.
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