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Originally Posted by stevehull View Post
Is anyone aware of replacement LED bulbs for travel trailers (5'th wheels)? My son lives in one of these while in grad school and it is full of these tiny incandescent bulbs that have a base much like that of the bulb in a car brake light.

The bulbs have a glass bulb about the size of a large acorn. The base has two small cylindrical prongs sticking out sideways that allow it to be inserted into a receptacle and when twisted, it locks in place. The insulated base has a center spot for one conductor and the brass base shell is the neutral.

In any case, they burn out quickly, are incredibly hot to the touch and are expensive at the RV stores.

Because they are small, an LED replacement would be perfect.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a fairly common 5 or 10W single-contact tail lamp bulb. Sure, LEDs are easily available for those but I cannot give you an online or B&M source from Ireland, as I don't know what's in your locality.
In the US market these bulbs have a code which describes their contact and pin layout.
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