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I'm used to a 3-line or 1-line diagram referring to 3 phase power diagrams, hence the question. I'm assuming one diagram shows both AC and DC sides of the system?

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, job out of college brought me to Panama City. Wife from Miami would much rather be back down there.

Are you going micro inverter for your new system? Seems like the code change starting January of this year pretty much forces you to go that way. As it's now cheaper to do $130 micro inverter per panel than a large $1800 inverter plus $80 rapid shutdown module per panel. (EDIT, NVM, looks like you said you went micro with the first system anyway).

I've never dealt with getting permits before. I am in red-neck ville, so they might not have started the "we need structural diagrams" yet if that is not a state wide thing. I'm guessing I just need to ask them that? Only solid info I got so far is the power company, Gulf Power (now owned by FPL anyway) wants to see the electrical permit, but don't need to see any structural (makes sense).

I found this site, is there an merit to it's services?
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