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Default Maybe this thing works better than it did at first glance.?.

Testing this machine in one side of a smallish (20x40) basement isn't the way to go.
The air gets too dry, too fast!
Now, I've aimed the output air towards a door to finished side of the basement,
and noticed it does a pretty good job in about 1/2 hour..

So, this evening, I divided the test into two 1/2 hour tests, with a 45 minute break in the middle.

Total water collected was 50 oz.. That may be near the spec. (See AHAM below).
Since I was running it at 70deg with 45% to 50% RH..

50 oz. x 24 hours =1,200 oz. Or 75 pints! (35.5 liters, or 9.375 gallons or 37.5 quarts).

I'm going to start setting the humistat so the unit shuts off at around 50%,
and see how much power it uses, keeping the whole basement at 50% for a day or two..

Capacity at AHAM is 110 Pints per Day..

Capacity at AHAM lets you compare how different dehumidifiers will perform under the same conditions.
The Capacity at AHAM rating is expressed in pints per 24 hour period at 80 F and 60% relative humidity.
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