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So I guess I really need to get in and so some real heat load calculations. Everything is driven off of that lol who knew? But going off of my hypothetical cooling of 24kbtu I've started to look into sizing buffer tanks. I've come up with 75 gallons on the cooling side and 50 gallons for the heating side. The cooling side was based on a minimum of 45 min run time. That way the compressor has time to run like it needs to. Since I have two 12k btu compressors I'm going to try and do a multi stage system. Being both compressors will be tied into the same heat exchangers. This will give me a really cheap system since I already have them and load control. On the not so hot days just one compressor will run and when it gets really hot and humid both can run.

Is 45 min run time long enough? Should I make the run time longer? From what I understand it takes about 10 min for a refrigeration system to get up to full efficiency?
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