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Default 3-Watt Down Light...

One of the first lights I tried out was this 3-watt down light. It comes with a 120 VAC in, 12 volt DC regulated current out power supply. There is a finned aluminum heat sink on the back side that barely gets warm to the touch.

It has some kind of plastic lens structure in front of the LEDs and it has a spot / flood dispersal characteristic.

It is "warm white" which means that they put tiny yellow filters in front of the LEDs. The light is of a slightly yellowish cast, but not enough by itself to sabotage the light as a candidate. The directed 3-watts is actually a lot of light, plenty for reading, etc. In the tiny space I have to work with, I can't figure any way to work with this light to make it useful for shaving, etc.

It would require a hole of about 3 inches to be drilled in the ceiling, the blue spring-loaded "ears" shown in the photo are folded back and the light is inserted through the hole, and the "ears" hold the light firmly in place.

The light will swivel along one axis, so it can be pointed, but to a limited degree.

The swivel feature is nice, but it opens up the possibility of allowing intrusion of water spray.

I temporarily affixed the light to the ceiling and tried it out for awhile... it's a pretty nice light, but it would need additional lighting as it's beam does not fill the entire mini-loo area.

Still a contender...


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