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Default Adventures in Chinese Lighting...

I have been trying to find some proper lighting for my Mini-Loo, and have looked through several candidates. Since the Mini-Loo is very mini, standard lighting choices don't seem to work very well in a tiny space that is, at the same time, a toilet, lavatory and shower...

My first candidate was a quartz light can that I got a Lowes. It mounts flush in the ceiling, and has a 50 watt quartz bulb. The color was great but the intensity was way too powerful. Also, it's not really water-proof and the 120 volts made me queezy, as the Mini-Loo also functions as a shower.

Next, I turned my attention to water-proof lighting, and haunted the boating accessories stores, but the selection was pretty limited and the prices were decidedly un-EcoRenovatorial.

So I started thinking along the lines of LED lighting... water-proof would be best, but at 12 volts, a wet light fixture would not be life threatening.

I did find a down-light at Lowes that was flush mount, LED, too big, and over $60... again, decidedly un-EcoRenovatorial.

So I started looking through the wild jungle of Chinese LED Lighting where I found 549,921 active listings... Surely there would be something to choose from here!

(* to be continued... *)

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