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Hey everyone,
I'm new to this forum, however I bought the ge hybrid water heater back in Jan. When I moved to my new place which is out in the country I knew nothing of propane or it's costs. After 3 months and a 1200$ propane refill I knew something had to change. So I went looking in the garage to see where my propane was going. And what I found was 2 water heaters. One said it uses 276 gallons a year and the other 270. So at the price I was paying for propane at the time (3.14$/gal) that's around $1100. So I started researching energy efficient heaters. Anyways I found the ge and knew it was what I needed. So went online to lowes but no luck there. Went down to the local store and no body there knew anything about it or even what a heat pump was. So I called lowes national and talk with there rep, who then contacted the local manager who then was very helpful. They did finally get me one but had to ship it from the east coast out here to California. I will say the thing looked cool. We were getting our pictures taken next to it when I opened the carton. Luckly while I was waiting for it to arrived I ran a new 30amp line to it's future home. So when it arrived I took the day off to install it. I had to cut and piece together the copper overpressure discharge line. Also had to tee into that line to run the condensation tube too. So all that was left was to lift it into place. Damn that is heavy 2 or 3 person job. The original was light comparatively. Right after I installed it I replaced all 136 light bulbs in the house with cfl's so at the next bill it had still gone down from previous months. When running on just HP mode it draws 450watts. But when put on high demand mode when we had a bunch of guests it pulls around 6500. It is kind of noisy, like a window ac. But I can't hear it in the house. And if I'm working in the garage I can just hit the fan off button and it's nearly silent. Anyways that's been my experience. Wonderful unit no complaints..

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