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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
If you're serious about doing something like this, take a look at the GE model available through Lowes. It has a COP of 2.35.

Thanks for the information, I'm still thinking about this... every day.

BUT... There's a thread where various water-heater options were being discussed, and since I've been using one for maybe 15 years, I put in my 2 cents worth about tankless water heaters, and I also voiced my one hesitation regarding the ASHP water heaters:

As an aside, I have been experimenting with reducing the amount of my home that I heat, heating just the room I occupy and I have learned that there is considerably more heat movement through walls than I would have previously guessed. What I'm getting at is, if a heat pump water heater is placed in a garage that is attached to the main house, there will be more heat movement from the house to the garage than previous, since the HP water heater will be reducing the temp of the garage air. So, what is saved in water heating, might be lost to some degree, in home heating.
...and today I came across this illustration over at Build It Solar which more than completely addressed my hesitation...

... the picture tells the water heater story, but the whole story is well worth checking out.


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