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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
No, just that it uses 6.46 amps @ 220V and has a COP of 2.0. That would be 1412W. If it ran for an hour that would be 1.412 kWh X 2 COP = 2.814 kWh of heat produced. If there are 3412 BTU in one kWh, that would be 9698 BTU/hr.

Thanks, just what I was looking for.

Under certain low-demand circumstances, a unit like yours could possibly be used for home heating.

As I was thinking through this, the tank would best left inside the heated space, so that heat leakage could be utilized. But the heat pump part, at least the evaporator coil, the part that gets cold, would be best left outside the heated space.

It's not so easy to find a smallish ASHP that heats water instead of air. Xringer found a small pool heater that could possibly be used.


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