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Because of the over-load problems with the Sanyo ASHP, when we try to turn it up in the mornings,
I left it set for 21 (69.8F) last night when I went to bed at midnight.
It was coasting along at 480 watts..

The power monitor alarm went off at 03:15 AM and was displaying 2.5 KW..
(The Sanyo is max is 2.6KW). I turned it down to 20, but the power went up to 2.7KW.
Down to 19.. 2.8KW!! I turned it off for the night..

This morning, the power line voltage is between 126 and 129 vac..
129 x 2 = 258 vac on the Sanyo.. That's not good..

The manual says "187 to 253 Available Voltage Range"

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