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One of the first things I did after moving into my Wife's house was to buy a temperature controller. I got the second cheapest model, so there are three programmable scenarios, for each you program either "night" or "day" temperature for each hour. "Night" and "day" temps can be set up to 0.25C (0.5F), with either 0.5C or 1C tolerance. I have the latter with 16.5C (62F) at night and 18.5C (65F) during the day. Night temperature is only from 9pm to 9am (now that Dad-in-law has retired there is almost always someone at home, so slim chances for night temp during the day), but now that winter is here for good I'll have to start day temp at 8am. These temperatures and times are a compromise between the gas bill and the number of complaints I get (I'm the only one who has taken the effort to read how to program and set the controller). Whenever I know that there will be noone at home I set to night temp earlier for a few hours. Now Dad-in-Law has gone for a two week vacation and I have the house at night temp for 22 hours per day

Last year, during temperatures below -25C (-13F), I had to drop the day temperature by 0.5 or the furnace would not turn off.

Our t-stat is located in the living/dining room, so when there are guests, or the 170W room heater (37" LCD TV) is on, the living room is too warm to trip the furnace, so the rest of the house cools down to 15C (59F).

I've thought about upgrading to a controller with an outdoor temperature sensor, but someone told me I won't see much difference until the furnace gets replaced with something more efficient. So we're planning for a condensing furnace within a few years. I'd also love to split the house into two heating zones, but it's just not possible without a very expensive renovation

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Anybody want to join me for a "furnace-free day" on some sunny day in December? I tried this on Thursday, and the temperature only dropped to 55F in the first 14 hours, but I called it off when I came home with the traditional Thanksgiving stomachache. You'd be surprised how easy it is to stay active and comfortable in temperatures that most folks would frown upon.
Sounds like cooldown testing. I haven't done that this year, but since we woke up to -10C (14F) this morning I doubt I'd get too far on one coast.
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