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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
This is the quote from the FAQ.

The thing is, in the design, the PEX is covered with either aluminum sheet or paint. The aluminum for sure is going to block any sunlight from degrading the PEX. The paint may not be the best blocker for sunlight, but its still not in direct light. That, or it could be covered up with something else (more aluminum perhaps).

I'm not saying the design is perfect. But, I do think you could make it totally workable and reliable.

Yeah, but if you look on at one of the links the same guys builds the same one with copper pipe for $190.00. So for $60 dollars more you get.

1. 15% more heating capability.
2. a lot less fuss (since copper is more durable and can withstand the heat and exposure).
3. A heater that we know will last a lifetime.
4. Uses a highly recyclable product vs. a one use product that isn't recyclable.

Seems like a no brainer to me, it's just $60.00, and with the increase in efficiency will pay it's self off just as fast if not faster. Really copper pipe isn't that difficult to work with. Solder is a pretty easy thing to get the hang of, and it's a very good skill to obtain for DIY's.
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