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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
But my side business I make something I designed and you can hold it in your hands. I get some satisfaction out making something that is useful and you can actually see the product.
Your comment isn't as odd as it may seem on the surface. I spend my weeks sitting behind a PC pushing a mouse creating digital design projects, but I find doing tangible hands-on projects on the weekend much more fulfilling. My most recent weekend accomplishments have been a collection of 2-cycle engines. Whether it's fixing the 20" chainsaw I picked up for $10, or the 2-cycle string trimmer my neighbor tossed on the swale for the trash collectors... Rebuilding a mini-carburetor and replacing a few fuel lines to get a small engine running is a skill that some will never master. Meanwhile, I have two running string trimmers and two chainsaws for every property we own... Then there were the two generators my neighbors tossed out for the scrap guys. One had a blown generator head. I took the Robin (Subaru) engine from one, and installed the 5KW generator head from the other. Then, I dialed in the frequency to 60Hz using my Kill-A-Watt... I also managed to resurrect the Briggs & Stratton engine from the donor generator, which I will likely gift to a friend to repair his mom's generator.

Next weekend project will be pulling the hydraulic leveling jacks off the RV frame to have the seals replaced.
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