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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
Thanks. My other business that pays the bills is computer programming consulting.
I have been doing it many years.

But my side business I make something I designed and you can hold it in your hands.
I get some satisfaction out making something that is useful and you can actually see the product.

I do a fair amount of interface work and it works well and is very useful but you cannot touch it.

I know it sound strange but someday in the future when I retire I will not still program but I may still may make products with steel at least for myself and maybe do some custom stuff. That is a long ways off.
Nice with the Plasma CNC. I thought about building one for my Plasma but wound up building jigs to cut straight lines and arcs because I didn't plan on going commercial and I was in them middle of a project.

I see we have a lot of commonality in our work. I'm doing mostly embedded uC's in C and assembly language along with electronic circuit design.
I do run metal lathes and mills and have a small bench top CNC lathe that does mostly aluminum but will do steels if I take smaller cuts. (I run Mach3 CAM)
I did this part in CNC (1/4" thick 1018) but it took about an hour and a half because I had to use an 1/8" endmill to make sure I could do the contour justice. (It's for a tower clock in a local village). Plasma would have knocked it off in 10 minutes, I'm retired so I have time for these long cuts!
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