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This debate about ice storage versus battery range is getting ridiculous! The number one challenge for current BEV solutions is range. More range=better is the rule. Anything that adds mass adds drag on the range, period. So consider this, Batman: manufacturing ice on the fly at max capacity would cost you less range than carrying a big ice cube from the starting point. With a ton or two of capacity, it doesn't take an hour to make 100 gallons of ice. NO EXTRA BAGGAGE!

I have an idea, we could go to the dollar store and buy a whole row of the 6 dollar magic air conditioner EVAP and mount them on the roof. That could subcool the refrigerant while parked or driving and DOMINATE! Or hey, why not just put PCM sound deadening interior panels everywhere, with a heat soak range of 70 to 75 degrees. I dub thee" sta-cool" interior panels.

Just kidding, don't listen to my ideas...
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