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FYI the AC system in the average car is around 3 tons. Some smaller some larger. For a van you will be on the larger end. So you would need 3+ tons of ice per hour to cool it...

So to keep the van cool for say 8 hours you would need 24 tons of ice to do it. Actually more since some of that ice will have melted before you got to use it. So if it's a bigger van you could end up needing say 30 tons of ice. It would be more efficient to go back to hauling ice from frozen rivers up north on ships and using it to cool than it would to produce the ice and then haul it in a trailer behind the van.

If you want to cool it and your power source is electricity the solution is simple. Order a Sanden electric compressor. Sanden is the top brand of automotive AC compressors on the market. Used in everything from production vehicles to big dozers and other heavy equipment.
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