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Sounds like you are on the right track already. A ton of a/c is literally enough for a Winnebago. In a Jeep, I'd probably go with half a ton of capacity, and get something energy star. They run part time pretty well and shut down the compressor before the fan to get the cool air out while the system bleeds down.

If you are running a bang bang unit (non vrf), make sure the power inverter has enough balls to start the compressor. It draws locked rotor amps for a few line cycles every startup. As close to pure sine wave as you care to spend will pay back in efficiency, extending the run time. At that capacity, I don't know if the price difference would justify a vrf unit. Sure, you'd save money for a smaller power inverter, but the half ton window shakers are selling for around 75 bucks used here. Maybe 150 or so brand new from the usual box stores.

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