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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
No more hiccups since the disconnect switch issue. Here is my last power bill.
700 KWH carried forward to be used next winter. Not a bad start.

We are not driving our Volt less with this crazy virus but that just means more power carried froward.

Good to hear.
I just found out that when my contract runs out with my rural electric coop that my payback will be at the rate they now pay for electricity. This means I will go from getting 10.5 cents a kWh to 2.38 cents. This is Koch Industries and ALEC's influence attempting to crush renewables.
I have to decide what we will do in the next year because I don't want such a low return. The good news is that I will own my PV array so I may turn off the grid or add more PV and wind to balance out our return.

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