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Originally Posted by randen View Post
Charging on 120 volt receptical is not a huge drawback. There are people functioning on that. Its approx 4 miles per hour. As soon as you get home plug in and 14 hrs later you have 56 miles added.

We made a trip once out of the range of the superchargers. At the Hotel we just plugged into a 120 outlet for 16hrs and added enough range to what we currently had to get us nearly home. For sure to within 2 supercharge stations.

not a big issue

Big difference between a tesla and a big SUV or pickup.

120v charging sucks.
When I was stuck 120v charging if I drove the leaf more than 50 miles per day I was fighting a losing battle to keep it charged as I have no charging at work or public chargers.
A truck or SUV that uses around twice as much power to go the same distance is going to suck twice as much.
I await the angry bickering on face book and the forums.

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