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As I had mentioned we are heating 3600 sq.ft. with 3 ton water to water in a Canadian climate. Don't be nervous.!!! Even added to that is a 600 sq ft garage. But we only maintain that at 60 Deg F

I must admit when we first installed it I was deeply concerned about the run time. Its still running an hour latter Still!! two & three still??? Ok it stopped. This is completely normal My slab temps are held within a degree C. AND the house is very cosy.!! Then I give my head a shake at peak rates thats only $0.72 OK
On those extreme cold windy nites where the pump runs almost non stop, thats only $6.00 but we are still cozy.

Its a great system and you have solar PV.!!! Next you will want batteries and an inverter to do it all yourself.!!


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