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Excellent replies from everyone!


Ill make a call to the utility. I have been talking with people who have tried it (big shots who run/ran big name solar businesses in our area).

If i do some quick math, a rough estimate of daily kwh is 90kwh/month when everything is running in the data center +/- 10-20kwh for house uses.

I am aware of the legal requirements to ensure the grid is non-live in a POCO outage event. THis is common-sensical. I hate working on live lines too.

The solar batteries would really be to ensure power is uninterrupted while a generator kicks on. Massive battery arrays could be a future addition, but not completely necessary considering the cost.

As far as i was aware of, solar cells produce DC power unless you have the AC mini-inverters on solar strings. THis is why solar generation is often connected to DC batteries. Wind and hydropower however use the same function as a magnetic-coil generator but utilize hydraulic energy or wind energy to turn an alternator, thus providing AC.


The distance from service drop to service drop is roughly 260ft. THis makes the midpoint for the substation between the houses roughly 130ft. Service charges i presume would be the monthly service fees aside from kwh usage, this i am not certain of at the moment.

Heat is either wood stove or electric heaters.

Not sure what a CHP system is. I will look into this.


I will take a look at your post history and research the topic you referenced.


all points i ahve considered. The majority of my roofs are angled roughly southward. A few roofs face east and of course opposing west, but west downt get a lot of sun where I am located due to mountains.

Main consideration on selling back is i am not sure if i can generate enough power to run the datacenter (roughly 3kw/hr if things are running full bore), charge batteries from any outage or night loads and generate excess power to sell back.

Again, thank you all for your excellent responses!
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