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Selling back should not be hard in Oregon. last I checked, Portland was HUGE on that.

given your needs, you'll want a system that integrates the generator and solar. solar + generator means less fuel burned while the grid is down. there's a few options out there (xantrex XW comes to mind, might be outdated - grid tie inside of your transfer switch is another, but requires a completely separate UPS solution).

there is no ROI on a generator, just offset losses. there is ROI on solar. and remember, you do not necessarily want all your solar facing south. west and east may be useful, too. south is what gets you the grants, but if you diversify the direction based on your available space, you'll get more even load - this may be important depending on your battery bank size.

if you're looking for a diesel genset capable of running for 20+days, plan on having a 500 gallon (or larger) tank of diesel on hand, and spending at least 20k on a (new) auto-start genset. it's probably worth seeing what that money gets you in a larger battery+panel setup vs the spend on fuel/generator.
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