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You are a planner - good. now lets get facts.

1) Call your utility and get their actual contract for a grid tie system. Don't just "talk around", get the facts and laws. They will also provide you with all the phase information if asked.

2) What is your kWt profile over the year? Do expect this to change in the upcoming years?

3) Your need for a system other that PV or grid will continue to be necessary (diesel generator). Remember, that on a sunny day, while generating kWhr with a grid tie system, if you loose grid power, than the PV system must immediately disconnect and likely shut down (by law).

4) Some solar inverter companies have some limited battery storage (2-10 kW). That is a real possibility.

5) I am confused with your DC reference. Solar is a 220 60 Hz ac system.

Excellent thinking, but make decisions and do do rather than talk talk.

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