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Default Pretty intense system requirements

So, this may be nuts, but i need a pretty robust system to meet the needs/wants of myself and my family in regards to solar power.

I live in rural Oregon, power goes out for at least 20 days per year in the winter months not to mention the occasional summer "whoops, someone fell a power pole" instances.

I am running a data center from my shop for my tech business. A generator is pretty much a requirement for the days that power will be in blackout. Likely going to go diesel since it requires less treatment than gasoline to store for long stretches. The main focus for me is uninterrupted power during an outage event.

Grandma wants a solar system and likes the idea of grid-tied solar that "sells power" back to the company.

After a LOT of asking around I came to the conclusion that the whole "selling back" concept is both rather unfeasible and complicated with legalities and the like, not to mention the efficiency investments such as DC appliances and so on.

Oh yea, this is also for two houses across two acres. So I am planning on building a substation between them to house all the systems in a central area.

We have ~2000 sq/ft of roof space between houses and garages that get quite reasonable sun.

Power usage is pretty minimal except for the data center (~20A@110V)

SOmething that particularly spikes my frustrated confusion is phasing of power. I am not sure what the power company provides (1/3-phase) and i see inverters that are around my wattage needs (of which i have arbitrarily calculated out to ~10kW) and most are three-phase. Any ideas is single or triple phase is industry standard for residential?

I have an image of something i have drafted with my limited knowledge. At this point, i defer to the community for suggestions, criticism and guidance.

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